Phoenix Yang AW20 Collection

Modern Maleficent











The Autumn/Winter 20 Collection ‘Modern Maleficent’ is inspired by the Disney movie ‘Maleficent’. In the movie, Maleficent has been trying her best to follow her heart of love, even when she was witch-hunted by the pressure of the Masculism and facing the moral panic of others. Maleficent is the image of modern women that are genuine and fearless.


To depict the complicated emotions of a modern witch, the designer is not only focusing on the dark side of the character, but also merging some brighter elements and the colours of warm flesh and red into this collection. She believes that there’s always some softness in the heart of the so-called devil. Through this collection, she claims for the gender equality and encourage women in the modern society to show their desire toward to love and to be loved.


In this collection, the grayscale and silver colourways meet the colours of warmness. The high-waisted designs and the waistband create slim silhouettes, while the garters and bralette elements give out a visual crash. On the other side, the layers of flowy hems and eyelash laces are added in to balance the sharpness of mirror-faced spine details. With the luxurious fabrics of silk-wool blend satin and embroidered velvet, this collection is extravagant while staying modest and humble.

Photography : @chiahuang

Model : @zyuruzzz

Special thanks to @fang_lichung1218, @southtalkbnb