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Deriving inspiration from travels throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, The Noir Collection is an aromatic interpretation of seasons and scenic memories - an intimate, personal fragrance line designed by the perfumer, Phoenix. 


Coalescing the soothing balminess of high-grade  essential oils with a time-proven reputation for its health benefits, the Noir Collection brings the purity of botanical elements to the forefront of its focus - completely eliminating any use of artificial ingredient and chemical fixative from its production process.


The Noir Collection was started with the singular thought of encapsulating the beauty of life into fragrance - complementing the individual on a spiritual trek that starts with delicate plant essence - and culminates into an ongoing experience of healing.



#TravelMemories #SelfCareFragrances


Product categories: Essential oil perfumes, candles, and  transition mist.

Essential oil perfumes

The fragrances of the floral, herbaceous, fresh and resinous are inspired by the seasons and cities around Europe and Asia.


Traveling whom encounter them to different spacetimes with the unisex and compassionate balminess, the Noir essential oil perfumes are the storages of memories and love to the world.


Pictures on each bottle are filmed with polaroid, and represent the images of each scent.

Transition Mist with Crystals

The grounded, and smoothing fragrances of the mists are designed to help people with reaching spiritual balances, and psycho-emotional healing. 


For different scenes in a day, from morning to sleep, form office to gym, the Noir transition mists accompany us in mental aspects.


Crystals in each bottle are hand-selected to match and increase the energy of scents.

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